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Fire Department Lockboxes

Supra Fire Department lockboxes from High Security Locksmith in Calgary are mandated by the City of Calgary to provide quick and efficient access to first responders in the event of a fire or other emergency. Waste no time juggling rings or racks of keys to access facilities - TRACcess electronic keys, which are activated by code or smart devices, report who access ed lockboxes and when, so you have first hand knowledge of building entries, or to know who last accessed a key.


Supra TRAC-Vault BT Smart Recessed Mount

Recessed mount TRAC-VAULT BT Smart fire department lockboxes are perfect for new construction or areas where the wall can be retro-fitted.

Supra TRAC-Lid BT Smart fits legacy TRAC-Vault

TRC-Lid BT Smart fits pre-existing, or legacy TRAC-Vault lockboxes and offers a modern wireless access retro-fit.

Supra TRAC-Vault BT Smart Surface Mount

Surface Mount TRAC-Vault BT Smart fire department lockboxes are a universal solution which requires no wall modification.

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