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  • Daniel Tweed

What Is a High Security Locking System?

The security of a locking system depends on two factors. One is protection against picking, drilling and other attempts at forced entry. The second is the ability to control duplication of keys. With standard (i.e. non-high security) locking systems, the key blanks are not patent protected. Stamping "Do Not Duplicate" on a key is not a promise of legal protection and enforcement. The only way to ensure your keys cannot be duplicated without your consent is a locking system with patent-protected keys.

Medeco (an abbreviation of MEchanical DEvelopment COmpany) is the manufacturer of the worlds best high security locking systems. Medeco only sells its products to locksmiths and security professionals. Medeco high security keys are cut in special key cutting machines capable of reproducing the angled cuts necessary to produce a workable key. Every Medeco high security key blank is custom coined and tracked by Medeco to identify it as an authorized key blank. When one of our clients needs a duplicate high security key, they must provide a piece of government-issued photo identification to ensure they are authorized to duplicate the key. Our clients can also add or remove authorization for others to request key duplications. You cannot get a Medeco key cut at your neighbourhood hardware store!

A non-high security will only offer a couple thousand combinations of cuts. A Medeco high security key can have over two million possible combinations of cuts for a six-pin locking system. For clients with multi-unit residential and commercial properties who utilize a master key system, this flexibility allows for nearly endless permutations, with millions of ways to key their buildings to their exact needs. While this level of security is not necessary for everyone, if protection of your family, home, business and/or property is crucial to you, Medeco high security locking systems are the only way to go.


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